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Published Friday 24 July 2020
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Illegal dumper caught red-handed

Mitchell Shire Council’s local laws officers have fined a resident more than $300 after covert cameras caught them red-handed illegally dumping waste along Old Sydney Road.

The resident admitted to the crime when questioned and was directed to take the waste to a nearby Resource Recovery Centre. Council can confirm this has happened.

Council is continuing its call out to the community to Dob in a Dumper and provide any information from a recent spate of illegal waste dumping on Old Sydney Road.

Clothes, rubbish bags and other items were strewn across multiple areas. In some cases, once dumped materials were cleaned by Council, more rubbish would appear in the same spot.

Dumping is a blight on our community and is illegal, with penalties for those prosecuted. Council spends thousands of dollars clearing materials - a cost our community has to cover.

Dumped materials can also pose health and environmental risks across the community and natural environment.

Almost all of the dumped rubbish found can be taken to one of Mitchell Shire’s Resource Recovery Centres free of charge for residents. Such as:




Air conditioners


No charge

Car batteries


No Charge

Fridge and Freezer


No charge

E-Waste (electronics)


No charge



No Charge



No charge

If you have any information on dumped rubbish, please call Council on 5734 6200. People can also report illegal rubbish dumping to EPA Victoria by calling 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC).

Top tips for dobbing in a dumper:

  • Get to know your local area
  • Look for cars towing full trailers with rubbish around remote areas
  • Take pictures of number plate, make and model of car
  • Don’t touch the dumped rubbish, there is generally hazardous material

Comments from Mayor David Lowe

“This case is a strong message to our community that we’re out there actively trying to reduce illegal dumping within our community. It is extremely disappointing to know that this person was a resident and could have easily taken the waste to one of our Resource Recovery Centres,” he said.

“Mitchell Shire is a beautiful place of natural attractions and open spaces. Illegal dumpers have zero regards for their neighbours and the damage they could cause to our community and the environment.

“We don’t want to see our municipality trashed. We remain in contact with external organisations to find solutions and ensure this mess is cleaned up.

“We urge the community to be vigilant and report any illegal dumping activity. It is time to Dob in a Dumper. So much of the waste typically found in dumpsites could have been sent to our Resource Recovery Centres for free.”


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