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Published Monday 17 December 2018
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Hydration stations in Kilmore and Tallarook

Two new hydration stations have been installed in Kilmore and Tallarook to assist people in keeping cool and hydrated when exploring our community through the summer months.

The hydration stations were part of a partnership between Mitchell Shire Council’s Positive Ageing Ambassadors and Goulburn Valley Water.

The hydration stations feature bubblers at different heights, dog water bowls and taps to refill bottles of any size. The refilling station will also benefit both the environment and residents’ hip-pockets with one litre of bottled water costing about the same as 9000 glasses from the tap.

Mitchell Shire Council worked alongside the Positive Ageing Ambassadors to engage the community and prioritise projects like these to enhance the shire’s townships and make them more age-friendly.

With more than 500 people responding to the Positive Ageing Survey, results showed a need for enhanced outdoor spaces which encouraged everyone in the municipality, whether a resident, ratepayer or visitor, to enjoy the outdoor spaces.

One hydration station was installed in Kilmore’s Mill Street as part of ongoing works to enhance the entire precinct and main street of town. The other is in Tallarook’s CWA park between the train station and the start of the rail trail.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor Bill Chisholm said the hydration stations were a great way for people to stay healthy all year round and were particularly welcome additions for the start of summer.

“The hydration stations in Kilmore and Tallarook are wonderful assets for our community. With so much to do within our shire, keeping hydrated is important – especially through the summer,” he said.

“I commend the ambassadors for the initiative and the hard work they showed during the consultation process. These kinds of partnerships are going to improve our entire shire and we can all benefit from the program.

“The consultation with the community was positive and showed the importance for us to provide the infrastructure required to enhance our towns.”

A third hydration station is also planned for Broadford.

Positive Ageing Ambassador Alan Edwards said he hoped the hydration stations would keep people active in the community.

“Thanks to everyone who was involved in the consultative process. This project has been very successful, and I think the installation of the new stations will further encourage residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors,” he said.

“When we were asking the community about what they wanted, people kept saying water fountains. They wanted to enjoy the sun shine and not have to worry about dehydrating.”

Goulburn Valley Water South West Distribution Team Leader Matt Cotter said providing more hydration stations in community spaces across the region aimed to encourage more people to drink more water, more often.

“The Goulburn Valley is lucky to have some of the best quality drinking water in the world, so we hope people bring their bottles to fill up from the hydration stations when they’re out and about,” Mr Cotter said.

“Water has so many benefits for your health, as well as the environment and your hip pocket – one litre of bottled water can cost the same as 9000 glasses from the tap."

The program was in conjunction with the state government’s Department of Health and Human Services Age-friendly Communities program.

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