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Published Friday 25 February 2022

Harley Hammond scoreboard removed

The scoreboard structure at Broadford’s Harley Hammond Reserve has been demolished and the scoreboard will be relocated.

Unfortunately, the original structure did not meet building regulations. The Committee of Management, Broadford Football Netball Club and user groups have been working with Council to address the problem.

The scoreboard will be relocated to a more suitable location that can be seen from the timekeeper's box, which will also make it compliant with competition requirements. A large storage area will also be delivered.

The location of the structure was also limiting pedestrian access around the new netball tennis pavilion and cricket nets. Relocation will further assist in opening a constrained section of the reserve for all users by creating a pedestrian thoroughfare.

The new scoreboard location will also be accessible to operators anywhere around the ground via remote technology.

Comments from Mayor Bill Chisholm

"Council works in partnership with the Committee of Management and user groups when undertaking works like this," he said.

"We’ve been working closely with them to make this project as smooth as possible.

"These works ensure the area is safer and more accessible for everyone and storage facilities for the user groups are maintained."

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