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Published Wednesday 29 September 2021
Tags:General, Environment, Media Release

Spring brings peak grass growth

With spring comes longer days with increased sunshine, and people head outside to enjoy our great outdoors.

The increased warmth, sunshine and spring rains also brings peak grass growth. Grass grows 3 to 6 times faster in spring than any other time of the year, and our open spaces will often have taller grass in between programmed mowing.

Rest assured though, Council’s Parks and Gardens team will get to each area as soon as possible

Council’s Parks and Gardens team manages the maintenance of the shire’s town based open spaces including parks, town entrances and Council facilities. This also excludes roadside slashing and spraying, which is Managed by Local Laws for Municipal Fire Prevention.

Please be understanding during this challenging grass maintenance time, as the Parks Team do the best they can to keep up.

If you have any concerns about grass maintenance, please use our Report It tool or phone 5734 6200.

This page was last updated on 28 September 2021.