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Published Friday 11 December 2020
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Free professional development for artists and creatives

Registrations are now open for a new program to support emerging or professional artists, arts workers, people involved in community arts and people who work in any creative industry field.

We're one of eight Councils to partner with Pop Up Art who will deliver the free ArtsACTION upskilling and professional development program for creatives.

The program supports creatives to get into action, work collaboratively, and refine innovative methods for success. It will assist with activating career pathways, broadening networks, and building market reach.

ArtsACTION offers a six-part email resource pack, Zoom workshops, and access to a growing network.

FREE to participate, it is delivered entirely online until 30 June 2021.

If you are an emerging or professional artist, an arts worker, involved in community arts or work in any creative industry field, ArtsACTION is for you.

If you are looking to grow your career, build your business, step up your organisation or connect with other creatives across Victoria and beyond, ArtsACTION is definitely for you!

ArtsACTION can help creatives to grow their career, build their business, step up their organisation and connect them with their peers and other local artists.

The program runs until June with a six-part resource pack, online workshops and networking opportunities.

Email resources

You can sign up for a six-part email resource package providing inspiration and practical information to get you thinking and taking action around developing your creative career.

Themes include designing your public profile, clarifying your career goals, building your team, working collaboratively, finding your story, and developing digital connections.

Zoom workshop series

Sign up for six interactive online sessions delivered as a weekly series to connect with and strengthen your networks, effectively prepare for new opportunities, and grow your market reach.

Workshop topics include:

  • Being market ready
  • Working together effectively
  • Digital communities

There are four series to choose from, with the first one starting in February. Places are limited so register now to secure your place.

Get involved

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