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Published Thursday 5 March 2020
Tags:Public Notices, News Advocacy

Flooding and Road Closures

10.30am, Thursday 5 March

We are currently experiencing a significant rain event much to the rejoicing of our farming community. However as always during these rain events, we will have some inconvenience to road users including closed roads and many locations of low-level water crossing the roadways.

We currently have several roads closures and they include:

  • Delatite Road, Seymour
  • Telegraph Road, Seymour
  • Jeffreys Lane, Broadford
  • The Island, Service Lane, Broadford
  • Nanny’s Creek Road, Kilmore East

Please take care if you’re driving and drive to the conditions of the road at the time. Never enter floodwaters, even if they look harmless.

Please take note of any road closure signs, including those at the list of roads above. Road closure signs are there for our safety, never tamper or move a road closure sign.

Report urgent hazards on Council roads: (03) 5734 6200 or in regards to the main arterials Regional Roads Victoria on 13 11 70.

Contact the SES on 132 500 for requests for assistance in your home and 000 for life-threatening emergencies.

We will provide an update to this advice at approximately midday today or if a significant change occurs.

For more information on preparation and actions to take during a heavy rain event, head to our flood, storms and landslips page.

This page was last updated on 21 May 2020.