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Published Friday 20 December 2019
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Festival planning permit amended by Council

Mitchell Shire Council resolved to approve an amended planning permit for music festivals in Tallarook that will see a change to times, monitoring and fixing an anomaly with a date.

Council believes the resolution acknowledges residents’ amenity and enhances the economic benefits tourism brings, through these events.

The planning permit amendment has corrected an administrative oversight regarding the event for Labour Day Weekend. This is not an additional event, only a date correction. The approved amendments will also address noise requirements and music operation hours.

Under the conditions approved by Council, music may be played between 10am and 1am on opening nights and during festivals. The final night of every event will finish at midnight.

On New Year’s Eve, music can be played between 10am and 3am. This is the only exception to the above.

Council also resolved to eliminate a duplication of noise controls by removing a condition without eroding standards.

A new requirement of the permit will see organisers conduct noise monitoring at their own expense during all events to comply with specific EPA standards.

Locations for the noise monitoring equipment will be agreed to by both Council and organisers prior to the event to ensure compliance with the planning permit. Organisers must submit a Noise Impact Report to Council no more than 30 days after the event.

Council resolved to remain the responsible authority to ensure all permit conditions are complied with to our standard.

Council will continue to liaise with event organisers and residents to work towards positive outcomes.

Quotes attributable to Mitchell Shire Mayor David Lowe

“The community can be assured that we will continue to monitor the noise emitted from events and to ensure compliance by event organisers,” he said.

“We understand that it is important to have event activities across our shire, and we have come up with a solution in what is an environment that has differing views.”

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