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Published Tuesday 29 March 2022
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Federal Government to fund BIFT and Camerons Lane

Mitchell Shire Council welcomes the more than $1.4 billion in funding from the Australian Government for critical transport connections in our shire, including $280 million for the Camerons Lane Interchange on the Hume Freeway.

As Victoria’s fastest growing municipality the early investment in vital infrastructure is essential to support jobs and connectivity.

Camerons Lane Interchange will unlock more than 30,000 homes which will bring more than 90,000 new residents and, partnered with the $1.2 billion investment in the Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal, support 20,000 jobs.

Access to the Hume Freeway via Camerons Lane will also open up employment opportunities further afield, including direct access onto the Hume Freeway and Seymour Rail lines.

The Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal (BIFT) is a transformational project that provides the best opportunity to unlock the potential of Inland Rail to deliver up to $13.3 billion of benefit to the nation annually, and almost $4.6 billion to Victoria alone.

Once operational, the terminal will enable freight to be transferred from Victoria’s two largest ports of Melbourne and Geelong to the rest of Australia.

The population of Beveridge is project to grow for 5,537 to 30,805 within a decade, 72,040 by 2041 and could ultimately be home to more than 145,000 people.

This growth requires forward-thinking, early delivery and innovative solutions in order to capitalise on the region’s potential.

Mitchell Shire Council welcomes this transforming announcement in the Federal Budget for the northern region, for current and future communities.

The Federal government’s commitment to the BIFT and Camerons Lane is one of the largest and most welcomed investments in the North.

Now that we have a bipartisan commitment to Camerons Lane, it secures the project for the future.

Comments from Mayor Bill Chisholm

"Funding projects of this scale early in the life of growing communities is truly transformational and will ensure that our communities have access and connectivity to the areas where they live, work, and play," he said.

"This funding for Camerons Lane Interchange is a game changer and will help transform Beveridge as the centre of the next chapter of population growth in Victoria.

"Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal is one of the key projects to unlock the potential of Inland Rail, Melbourne’s North, and Victoria as a whole.

"Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal will create jobs and transform how freight moves across and through our city and state."

"These important projects will lay the foundation for our community – creating thousands of jobs during construction and provide the essential connections our residents will need in the future.

"They will support future decades of housing and jobs expansion, The investment in Camerons Lane Interchange and the Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal will change the face of Melbourne and northern Victoria.

"Council strongly advocates for projects that focus on transforming the future of the Shire, support growth, and improved quality of life for local residents."

Comments from Rail Freight Alliance CEO Reid Mather

"This funding supports Australia’s freight future. The investment is critical in improving efficiencies, productivity, reducing congestion and vehicle emissions," he said.

"The Rail Freight task between Melbourne and Brisbane is expected to more than double by 2050.

"This announcement not only supports the way we move freight in the future, but will attract further investment, provide employment to a rapidly growing community."

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