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Published Thursday 4 July 2019
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Essential Services Commission report on rate capping

The Essential Services Commission releases a report on the outcomes of rate capping every two years.

The current report was released in June and identifies impacts and trends across the sector. It also includes a report for each Council group and each individual Council. The report covers 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Mitchell Shire Council's report is now available and shows the change in a range of indicators including:

  • average rates and charges
  • meeting the rates cap
  • distribution of rate increases and decreases for individuals and property types
  • revenue sources
  • council spending
  • infrastructure investment
  • service spending and quality
  • financial position.

Download report

Want to know more?

A note about governance costs in the report

The report includes a table on page 6 that outlines which services council is spending money in.

The table is based on figures provided to the Victorian Grants Commission. There has been some confusion over the governance figure.

The governance expenditure referred to by the Essential Services Commission data relates to more than just operations and administration costs.

It also covers many important community services such as:

  • emergency management
  • natural disaster relief
  • local laws, rangers
  • health inspectors
  • pounds
  • litter
  • licensing
  • public building maintenance.

A note about comparing councils

If you would like to compare Mitchell Shire to other councils, we encourage you to look at the Essential Services Commission readers guide which includes a note about comparison data.

It is also important to note that it is difficult to compare the data between Councils.

This information is not the same council to council. The data provided by each council will be based on very different inputs. What one council counts as a governance cost may not be the same as another.

Our current budget

We publish a guide to spending on services and capital works as part of our budget which shows how we allocated every $100 across a number of key categories.

The following shows planned spending for 2019/20.

Budget 2019-2020 $100 spend breakdown

This page was last updated on 4 July 2019.