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Published Monday 30 April 2018
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Ending of the Fire Danger Period for Mitchell Shire Council

CFA's Chief Officer has advised that the Fire Danger Period for Mitchell Shire Council will cease at 1am on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Even though we are beginning to experience milder conditions there is still potential for fires to occur.

If you burn-off after the conclusion of the Fire Danger Period, please be mindful that the vegetation is still dry and it is easy to lose control of your small burn-off.

Take care and make sure you have water available at all times and never leave your burn-off unattended.

For advice on how to safety burn-off or how best to prepare yourself, visit the CFA website.

Before lighting up, the CFA urges residents to always notify neighbours and register your burn with the Burn-Off Notification Line on 1800 668 511.

But what does that mean? When can you burn off? Do you still need a permit?

Once the CFA declared Fire Danger Period is lifted, in most cases you can burn-off without a permit, but the following local laws must be followed.

In residential areas, Urban Growth areas (less than 0.4ha or 1 acre) and semi-rural areas, you can burn off on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. You’ll need a permit outside of these days and times.

In rural areas, you can burn off any day of the week.

If you're not sure what your property is classified as, check out the township maps on pages 30-36 of our Local Law No. 1 Community and Environment (PDF, 2680K). From 1 October each year to the start of the CFA declared Fire Danger Period, you’ll need a permit to burn a windrow, stump, log or vegetation with a diameter greater than 75mm.

All open air burning requires notification to VicFire (1800 668 511) and fires are not to be lit on days of Total Fire Ban, smog alert days or during the CFA declared Fire Danger Period.

To get a permit call (03) 5734 6200 or download a burning off permit application (also available from the bottom of our Open Air Burning page).

For more information please contact our Local Laws Team on 5734 6200 or email

This page was last updated on 29 November 2019.