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Published Friday 18 March 2022
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David Lowe elected to Council

Former Mayor David Lowe has filled the extraordinary vacancy in Mitchell Shire’s South Ward.

Councillor-elect Lowe was sworn in Tuesday 15 March.

The vacancy occurred due to the resignation of Councillor Christine Banks in February.

It was filled through a countback of the formal ballot papers cast at the general election in October 2020.

Votes were redistributed to candidates who were unsuccessful at that general election, and who remained eligible to participate in the countback, to fill the extraordinary vacancy.

Councillor-elect Lowe was first elected in 2016 and spent one year as Mayor and two years as Deputy Mayor.

"I have been off Council for about 15 months and a lot has happened and changed in that time,” he said.

“I have some catching up to do, but I have been speaking to people about the issues impacting them to better understand how we can best prepare for the future of our rapidly growing and changing Shire.

“Some of the big-ticket items for me, and for Council, are still the Hume Freeway diamond interchange at Wallan and the Kilmore bypass

“I would really like to be around when they come to fruition, and I look forward to working to make that happen.

“We now also have the issue of the proposed quarry which will have a massive negative impact on South Ward residents.”

Comments from Mayor Bill Chisholm

“On behalf of Council I would like welcome David Lowe back. He was an important leader for Mitchell Shire during his time as Mayor and Deputy Mayor,” he said.

“He is an advocate for our communities, and I look forward to working with him to grow our Shire and prepare for the needs of current and future residents and visitors.”

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