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Published Friday 3 December 2021
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Community takes up fight to stop quarry

Community members have taken up the fight to stop a quarry in Wallan/Beveridge with almost 200 submissions in just a few hours at the Wallan Twilight Market recently.

Residents were very vocal about their concerns around traffic congestion, vibrations, noise, dust, health issues, catchment and water table pollution and environmental impacts during discussions with Mitchell Shire Council officers.

The plan to install traffic lights on the Northern Highway to accommodate on average 30 extra truck movements during peak hour each day was met with dismay and anger. The consensus of many was that they could not see any benefit to the community from this quarry.

There was also much concern about vibrations from the explosives, with one resident who had lived near a quarry before recalling their house shaking during blasting operations.

Council has twice rejected planning permits for the proposed quarry at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan.

With more than 121,000 people likely to call the corridor from Beveridge to Wallan home in the next 20 years, good planning is essential. The proposed quarry would sterilise land that would otherwise be developed to deliver essential infrastructure and services to this growing community.

You can make a submission to the Victorian Planning Authority on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan – which includes the proposed development of a quarry on the side of Spring Hill - online via the link below.

Submissions close 5pm, Friday 17 December.

Information sessions

For more information to support your submission, Council officers will be available at:

Community drop-in session

  • Thursday 9 December
  • 3pm to 5pm
  • Greater Beveridge Community Centre

Online information session

Beveridge Market

  • Saturday 4 December
  • 2pm to 6pm
  • Club Mandalay

Wallan Olde Time Market

  • Saturday 11 December
  • 8am to 1pm
  • Hadfield Park, Wallan

For more information on the proposed quarry, follow the link below.

Comments from Councillor Rob Eldridge

“We have heard clearly from the community that they do not want another quarry in Wallan or Beveridge," he said.

“This quarry will be in existence for at least thirty years, dividing this community for generations. The quarry, and its buffers, will stifle development, prevent the construction of major roads, schools and sport fields, and ultimately bring little benefit to the local community."

“As Council, we will continue to advocate for our residents to ensure that as we continue to grow we are developing healthy, connected and sustainable communities."

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