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Published Monday 21 October 2019

Cat Curfew is now in place

Mitchell Shire Council's cat curfew was implemented on 16 October. The curfew requires cats to be confined to the owner’s premises overnight, between sunset and sunrise.

The cat curfew is not about keeping your cat inside your house; you just need to confine your cat to your property boundary during that time. However, cats that are not confined during the day (during non-curfew hours) can still be trapped if a resident objects to the cat being on their property.

The curfew will help keep cats safer, reduce the impact of nuisance cats on the community, protect wildlife and the environment and help to manage feral cats.

As part of the introduction of the cat curfew, we will be providing education to cat owners. To allow you and your feline friend to adjust to the changes, we will waive any fines for trapped cats for the first three months after the curfew is introduced.

This page was last updated on 21 May 2020.