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Published Tuesday 26 July 2022
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Broadford Customer and Library Service Centre reopens

Normal service has resumed at the Broadford Customer and Library Service Centre.

The centre is now open after Mitchell Shire Council partnered with the Victorian Government for a refurbishment and redesign.

The works include enhanced acoustic treatments, additional technology, modern accessible shelving and furniture, allowing for more flexible use of the space.

Part of the library’s front wall has been removed and replaced with glass doors allowing direct access from the library to the outdoor courtyard, which is fenced off, to expand the library footprint and enable greater activation of the library.

Further minor disruptions will take place in the coming weeks while a new user friendly, inviting, and accessible front counter and signage are installed.

The temporary customer service centre at Broadford Living and Learning Centre has now been shut down.

The $162,000 project is funded by the Victorian Government’s Living Libraries Infrastructure Program and Local Libraries Priority Program ($92,000) and Mitchell Shire Council ($70,000)

For more information, call Council on (03) 5734 6200.

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