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Published Monday 15 June 2020
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Bridge paves way for better connectivity

Road connectivity and ease of movement have been created in Kilmore with a new road bridge linking Tootle Street and Centenary Drive opening.

Mitchell Shire Council will manage the new stretch of road from Tuesday 16 June after a developer completed works at this site recently. The road link will improve emergency service access as well as making the commute easier for residential and public transport.

The road will be opened from Thursday 18 June.

It is also a timely reminder that the speed throughout the area is 50km/h. With the access road located near a few residential estates, there will be a mix of road users including drivers, children, pedestrians and cyclists.

Council anticipates a change in traffic volumes due to the bridge’s proximity to the Northern Highway and would like the community to remain vigilant when near roads.

Comments from Mayor Councillor David Lowe

“Roads infrastructure is key for us and it is great to see this road link open to the community. The new bridge works open up this area and it will allow us to continue to advocate for improved public transport connections as a result of the infrastructure investment as part of the Mail Run Estate,” he said.

“The road bridge will allow people to get to work, take their children to school or head to town easier. Please drive to the road conditions and stay safe. It takes a whole community approach to remain safe on community streets.

“Council continues to advocate to all levels of government for improved roads throughout our entire shire.”

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