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Published Tuesday 17 April 2018
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Borrowing is about to become quicker and easier

Mitchell Shire Libraries is introducing self service kiosks in the coming months. Below are some frequently asked questions on this service.

How will the new kiosks work?The new self service kiosks will allow library members to borrow multiple books and other items very quickly and easily themselves.As well as the familiar barcodes, all library items will include a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag which, together with the self service kiosk, will remove the need to individually scan each item when borrowing.Staff will be available to assist you at the kiosks and answer any questions you may have.Will all branches have the new kiosks?Yes, all library branches will have self service kiosks. Each branch will have 1-2 self service kiosks.Where are self service kiosks used?Self service kiosks, using RFID technology, are used around the world in many places and now in many Victorian libraries such as Brimbank, Hume, Campaspe and Goulburn Valley Regional Libraries. Other places using similar technology which may be familiar to you are: supermarkets, airlines and eTags.Do I have to use the self service kiosks?Yes, all borrowing at the libraries will be issued using the kiosks. Staff will be available at the kiosks to assist you if needed.Do I need my card?Yes, you will need to bring your library card each time you borrow. You will also need your card when collecting reservations.

Can people who speak languages other than English use self service kiosks?Yes, the kiosk will have language options for most community languages spoken in Mitchell Shire.Are the kiosks accessible to all?Yes, the kiosks are designed to industry standards to allow access by all members of the public.What else can I do at self service kiosks?You can do many things to keep your loans up-to-date, such as:

  • Check reservations
  • Check your membership record
  • Renew existing loans

What about privacy?Mitchell Shire Libraries understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy and membership records. Our high standard of data protection and privacy will continue.What about staff jobs? Will there be less staff to help me?This technology is not being introduced to reduce the number of staff at our libraries. Our staff will continue to be here to help you.The kiosks will enable staff to focus on helping our members and providing additional information services to the community.

About the technology:What is the technology being used?Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of an object (typically referred to as a RFID tag) attached to or built into a product for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. The RFID reader within the kiosk records items borrowed by members.How does it work?A scanner unit reads a RFID tag by using a radio wave signal to activate the microchip in the tag. The microchip contains details about the item being borrowed or returned. The scanner can read several tags at once from a pile of items. The scanners can only read at a short distance, so the items are placed on a pad to be read. It is a simple, quick and accurate process.Who is supplying the RFID technology?Mitchell Shire Libraries is pleased to be working with F.E. Technologies, a Geelong based company. Most of the equipment is built in Australia and is now being used by many Australian libraries.“Radio Frequency” – is it safe?Yes. The scanners and security gates have only a short range for their transmitters. It does not interfere with pacemakers, hearing aids or other similar devices.

For more information on these changes, please have a chat with our staff.

This page was last updated on 22 February 2019.