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Published Friday 11 June 2021

Please be safe around fallen timber

Council crews are working hard to clean up all storm damage, but it's still very wet and some trees may still drop branches.

Take care in parks and open spaces

It's important that you're extra careful as you move around parks and open spaces. We've had to close Monument Hill in Kilmore. Some of our other parks have fallen branches and trees, but remain open. Recent wet and windy weather can destabilise trees or branches, making them more likely to fall. Please be aware of your surroundings and take extra care.

Trees over roads

We've worked through most of the roads, but we've still got a few closures in place and a big clean up to go. Our priority is on moving trees and branches to the side of the road so vehicles can get through. There is still a big clean up ahead in some places. If you have seen a tree over a Council road, please report it using our report it tool.

No roadside firewood collection

The storms have left a lot of fallen trees along our roads and we ask the community not to remove any timber at this time.

The collection of fallen timber is very dangerous. Nearby trees may be unstable and could fall at any time. Collection also causes traffic hazards for other road users and is unsafe.

This page was last updated on 15 June 2021.