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Published Thursday 30 April 2020

See how we commemorated Anzac Day 2020

Anzac Day 2020 was a little different this year, but it was amazing to see how our community commemorated this very special day.

We put the call out to let us know how you participated and you did not disappoint. We asked for a story about your family's military heritage, a picture from your driveway at dawn, a snap of your home-made Anzac biscuits or some craft that you or your kids may have created in tribute.

Here are some special stories from our community

Caroline from Beveridge

Anzac Day has special meaning for our family. My Grand father Lance Corporal Jack Kenneth Bowmaker served in the 2nd 26th Battalion in Singapore and was a POW in Singapore’s Changi prison for 3.5 years. My Father-in law Private Herbert Moschetti served with the 8th Battalion RAR during the Vietnam war. Both have passed.

We also have other members of our family past and present that have served and are still servicing and we are thankful and humbled for their bravery, courage and sacrifice.

We also want to honour those this year that are on the front lines battling the unseen enemy – COVID – and doing what they can to help others at the risk of their own lives and giving up so much.

You can read more about this family's story.

Bec from Broadford

Bec and her family made wreaths and were at the end of their driveway to pay their respects at dawn.

Kimberley from Pyalong

A home-made wreath that was created by Madison (2.5 years old) with the help her mum and the Library Services team's craft live stream video and activity download sheet.

Jess from Broadford

Normally our Anzac Day would involve attending the service at the Broadford Cenotaph with my parents. We attend the Broadford service as my dad’s family are from Broadford and fought in World War 1. His grandfather Frank (my great grandfather) and two great uncles Ernest and William.

Below is the story of the three Brown Brothers which includes their enlistments and where they fought and for Ernest and William where they lay at rest. The picture under the story are photos of William and Ernest. It also includes the photos of their final resting places on land far away from home.

Brooke from Kilmore

My parent's beautiful home in Kilmore on Anzac Day.

The following are some more of the wonderful photos we received from our our community.

Visual Tour of Mitchell Shire War Memorials

While we couldn't attend the many services and memorials that would usually happen in Mitchell shire on Anzac Day 2020, we thought we would bring some of them to you.

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