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National Tree Day terms and conditions for schools

How it works

Mitchell Shire Council will provide grants to local schools up to $600 to purchase native plants, stakes, guards and materials required for revegetation activities on school grounds.

Each school is responsible for the purchase of native seedlings and materials. Approximately 10% of approved funding can be allocated to any necessary equipment to assist in planting/after care of the seedlings (e.g. stakes and guards, shovels, fertilizer, water etc).

Key dates

Applications open: 30 April 2021

Applications close: 28 May 2021

Applicants will be contacted and notified of their grant application: 11 June 2021

Project and final report completed by: 1 October 2021

Grant Paid upon final report by: 1 November 2021

Terms and conditions

Primary Schools and Secondary Colleges located in Mitchell Shire and Mitchell Shire Kindergartens are eligible to apply.

Each school is responsible for purchasing native seedlings, materials and equipment. A quote for the plants must be submitted with the application.

Quotes are not required for equipment to assist in planting/after care of the seedlings (e.g. stakes and guards, gloves, shovels, fertilizer however receipts must be attached to the final report (template provided).

Plants must be native, forestry tube size (50mm x 50mm x 123mm). Grasses can be in more cost effective and can be purchased in hiko trays (40mm x40mm x 90mm) or smaller cells.

The application and plant species list needs to be approved by Mitchell Shire Council.

The planting must involve school students.

A few local nurseries where you may obtain plants and a quote from include:

You are welcome to use other native plant suppliers outside of this list.

Local plant species can be found in the Mitchell Sustainable Gardening Booklet or by contacting Mitchell Shire Council for a list specific to your area.

The school will receive funds on completing the project and submitting a short final report with receipts and photos. The report template will be provided and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

For further information contact the Environment team at or on 03 5734 6200.

This page was last updated on 5 May 2021.