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What's next

Turning the vision into a reality

Everyone who lives, works, studies, or visits Mitchell has a role to play in helping to achieve this vision.

The vision gives you the opportunity for conversation and connection, whether it's through volunteering, being kind to your neighbours, or talking to people about issues that matter to you.

Community's role

The vision can only be successful with the help of our community. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with feedback through our range of consultation opportunities. Your feedback will ensure that we are continuing in the right direction towards the 2050 Community Vision.

Contact us

If you want to talk to Council, we are always happy to hear your thoughts and discuss your concerns.

Council's commitment

Council will work with the community to ensure the vision is actioned, monitored and evaluated.

We will incorporate the vision into all aspects of Council planning and decision making. Whilst checking in with the community regularly.

We will also review the vision as our community grows and changes.