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Theme 5: Nature and parks

Community aspiration

In 2050, Mitchell will be home to a vibrant and thriving natural environment where nature is part of resident's everyday life.

Our parks and playgrounds will be inviting, serving as a fun and exciting focal point for young people to come together and socialise.

Our natural reserves will be home to a rich ecological system supporting our important native flora and fauna.

Quotes from our community

Open spaces that allow community spirit through sporting clubs and recreation.
Female, age 27, Beveridge
Better access to walking cycling tracks. Taking advantage of our fabulous natural assets.
Male, age 55, Seymour
A focus on nature and outdoors with more footpaths, walking trails, and green spaces (pocket parks, grass, well-maintained garden beds etc.) amongst shopping strips (particularly in Wallan) to look nicer and more cohesive.
Female, age 27, Wallan
Parks that embrace the natural beauty of the area, encouraging people to enjoy the native flora and fauna that we are surrounded by. Which is one of the main reasons many people have moved into the area.
Female, age 44, Waterford Park

Keywords from community feedback

During the consultation period, over 11,000 pieces of unique information were captured in your submissions. Below are just some of the keywords mentioned by the community to help shape this aspiration.

Some words are linked to Council's website so you can find more information on those topics.

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