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Theme 4: Shaping neighbourhoods

Station Street, Seymour

Community aspiration

In 2050, we will see townships that have retained a local historical character, value and beauty yet have grown to have a modern twist. Offering all the infrastructure and services you would expect within a developed township.

Connectivity between towns will be seamless. Each town and suburb will be identifiable and valued by its natural form, built landscapes and town character.

We expect Mitchell to continue to advocate for positive planning outcomes to ensure appropriate and well-designed development.

Quotes from our community

We can keep the country feel whilst still having a few of the conveniences of city life like reliable public transport and job opportunities.
Female, age 37, Broadford
Action to support creative, affordable housing options in and around towns such as cooperative housing and co-housing.
Male, age 67
A place that balances semi-rural and suburbia. That gives the benefits of fresh air and space balanced with current and required infrastructure that leaves no child, adult or animal behind.
Female, age 50, Beveridge
I wish for a country town with a modern twist.
Female, age 23, Kilmore
Still semi-rural but with better township hubs/amenities to better serve the growing population.
Female, age 29, Puckapunyal

Keywords from community feedback

During the consultation period, over 11,000 pieces of unique information were captured in your submissions. Below are just some of the keywords mentioned by the community to help shape this aspiration.

Some words are linked to Council's website so you can find more information on those topics.

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