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Theme 3: Travelling and getting around

Train coming into Wandong

Community aspiration

In 2050, travel to, from and within Mitchell will be accessible, safe, sustainable and well designed.

A range of transport options will be available to connect the community including:

  • safely designed walking and cycling paths
  • seamlessly connected roads
  • new and frequent public transport
  • innovative parking solutions

Quotes from our community

Infrastructure and roads that can cope with the influx of visitors and residents.
Female, age 38, Seymour
Mitchell lacks good transport. Our trains are slow and poorly serviced, and the Hume is reaching capacity. Investment is needed now.
Male, age 29, Broadford
I run a lot and would love to see a bike/walk path from Wallan to Craigieburn via the back road. There is already a dirt track, but it’s filthy and feels unsafe.
Female, age 34, Beveridge
Accessible walking spaces so we can rely less on cars. More green spaces for families to play and people to enjoy nature, encouraging walking and physical activity.
Female, age 27, Wallan

Keywords from community feedback

During the consultation period, over 11,000 pieces of unique information were captured in your submissions. Below are just some of the keywords mentioned by the community to help shape this aspiration.

Some words have been linked to Council's website so you can find more information on those topics.

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