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Theme 2: Working, Learning, Tourism

Northern Highway, Kilmore

Community aspiration

In 2050, Mitchell's local economy will be vibrant. Shops, businesses and education will grow and become more accessible and attractive, increasing local employment and education.

Mitchell will become a destination where people are proud to work, learn and play. It will support a diverse range of local businesses and appropriate land will be available to ensure future business hubs and parks can grow.

As Mitchell grows, so will the opportunity to access local lifestyle precincts. These will evolve over the next 30 years, ensuring plenty of space for people of all ages to enjoy social interaction, events and recreational activities.

Quotes from our community

The Shire to promote Seymour and utilise our Goulburn River, getting more people to visit our town.
Female, age 47, Seymour
Somewhere for all ages to go. There is not much for families to do together or for people to gather and do activities. I want the opportunity to do a movie day.
Male, age 35, Wallan
A coordinated series of festivals/events that attract visitors throughout the year.
Male, age 80, Whiteheads Creek
More learning opportunities within Seymour, meaning students do not have to leave the town, which will keep employment within Seymour. Given the train station is in town, Seymour is a great place to study and could be a destination to study at. Reverse the current arrangement where you need to commute into the city.
Male, age 37, Seymour

Keywords from community feedback

During the consultation period, over 11,000 pieces of unique information were captured in your submissions. Below are just some of the keywords mentioned by the community to help shape this aspiration.

Some words are linked to Council's website so you can find more information on those topics.

  • Local job opportunities
  • educational opportunities
  • entertainment
  • shopping centres
  • main strip
  • shops
  • food and dining
  • commercial/industrial land use

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