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Theme 1: Vibrant Communities

Greater Beveridge Community Centre

Community aspiration

By 2050 our community wishes to be better connected through:

  • accessible health and community services
  • activities for young people
  • communal social settings
  • community buildings
  • public places for people to gather
  • recreational facilities

We will be fit and healthy with access to safe and nutritious food, sport, and high-quality community infrastructure.

Our main streets will be vibrant and full of life, with people of all ages coming together to connect, play and socialise.

Quotes from our community

I envisage a state of the art hospital with an ED that will have a doctor on throughout the night, not just nurses. The services will expand the hospital to support other tests for the community rather than having to go to another hospital.
Female, age 42, Kilmore
A first-class gym. There are hardly any classes available at the moment and the ones that are running are at really bad times. I would love to see a great spin studio and a women’s only gym.
Female, age 27, Heathcote Junction
Aquatic centres to rival those of metro suburbs.
Female, age 42, Kilmore
No judgement within our community. People from all ages and backgrounds feel connected and not isolated.
Female, age 49, Wallan

Keywords from community feedback

During the consultation period, over 11,000 pieces of unique information were captured in your submissions. Below are just some of the keywords mentioned by the community to help shape this aspiration.

Some words are linked to Council's website so you can find more information on those topics.

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