Council Governance

The responsibilities of Council

Council Governance

Mitchell Shire Council:

  • Is part of the Local Government network in Victoria
  • Is divided into three Wards
    - North
    - Central
    - South
  • Three Councillors represent the community in each Ward.

Councillors meet regularly to:

  • discuss issues
  • make decisions
  • set the direction of Council
  • approve strategic documents like the Council Plan and Annual Budget
  • make all major decisions and approve Planning Applications.

As elected representatives a Councillors' job is to:

  • represent the needs and concerns of the residents in their ward
  • bring those issues to council meetings for discussion.
  • Councillors have the responsibility of employing and supervising the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Once Council makes a decision, through a majority vote at an official meeting, Council Staff implement those decisions as directed by the CEO. The CEO is responsible for the day to day running of the Shire and employment of Shire staff to ensure decisions and plans made by Council are brought to fruition.

For detailed Maps of Mitchell Shire see the link table below.