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Our top tips for National Recycling Week

Have you ever wondered what you can and can't recycle?

It's National Recycling Week from 13-19 November. We've prepared our top five tips to help you recycle like a pro. 

  1. Aerosol cans can be recycled, just make sure they're clean before you put them in the recycling bin. 
  2. No need to rinse out food containers, just remove most of the food boxes.
  3. Pizza boxes can be recycled. Soiled boxes with traces of food scraps can be recycled. 
  4. Keep the lids on plastic bottles - it gives them the best chance of being recycled. 
  5. Do not put your recyclables in a plastic bag. Place them loosely in your bin instead. Plastic bags are soft plastics and cannot be recycled in your kerbside bin. 

Don't have a kerbside recycling collection? You can take your household recyclables to our Resource Recovery Centres for free.

Just make sure they're sorted from any other rubbish before you go and don't forget to bring your photo ID to show you are a Mitchell resident or ratepayer. 

Want to know more about recycling in Mitchell? Take a look at our Recycling page.