welcome to mitchell shire council

Together with the community, creating a sustainable future


Situated in the heart of Victoria, Mitchell Shire Council is part of the Victorian Local Government network.

Divided into three wards, North, Central and South, the Shire is governed by nine democratically elected Councillors. Councillors meet regularly to discuss issues, make decisions and set the direction of Council.

As an elected representative, a Councillor's job is to represent and advocate for the needs and concerns of residents. Councillors also have the responsibility of employing and supervising the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who oversees the day to day operation of Council services.

Once Council makes a decision, through a majority vote at an official meeting, Council staff implement those decisions as directed by the CEO. The CEO is responsible for operational matters and the employment of staff, to ensure decisions and plans made by Council are delivered.

The Executive Leadership Team, led by the CEO, is appointed through an open recruitment process. It comprises three Directorates:

  • Governance and Corporate Performance
  • Development and Infrastructure
  • Advocacy and Community Services

Reporting to the CEO, through three Directors, are more than 400 employees (approximately 280 FTE)