Mitchell Skate Parks

Venues for skaters, scooters & bikers!


Mitchell Skate Parks

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The recently redeveloped Wallan Skate Park, is located in Hadfield Park, adjacent to the town centre and directly in front of RB Robson Stadium. Wallan Skate Park is a large smooth concrete park. There are a good variety of objects to skate, such as ledges, rails and gaps, and will cater to both tranny and street skaters.


Kilmore Skate Park is a small concrete park located in Hudson Park, Kilmore. It delivers 6 stairs with low hubbas and rail, euro gap, flat banks and quarters. The park also has a 4-5 foot mini ramp with escalator. The park is visible from the Sydney St (main St) of Kilmore, close to shops and the local bus.


Wandong and Heathcote Junction Memorial Park (Wandong Skate Park) is a medium sized concrete park in the centre circle of Wandong, close to the town centre and train station. The park offers an open donut bowl with a boob in the middle, with a ‘rad’ funbox and manual pad – according to Skate Spots Australia.


Broadford Skate Park is located on High Street Broadford  a short distance from the shops and the train station. The Skate Park is a smooth tranny based park, good for all ages and skill levels.


The new concrete skate park is jointly funded through a $100,000 grant from the Victorian Government under its Community Facility Funding Program with a further $150,000 being contributed by Mitchell Shire Council.

The new facility will be approximately 490 square metres in area. Located at Chittick Park, Seymour, the new skate park will be constructed in an area positioned closer to the Sports and Aquatic Centre than the existing skate park.

Bangers & Thrash

Bangers and Thrash is a crew of young people, supported by Mitchell Shire Council, who run a range of Skate Park sport based events including Skate Competitions. Bangers and Thrash create a social and supportive environment for young people to get involved within the skating community.

‘Bangers & Thrash’ together with Mitchell Youth Services aim to work with Young People and the wider community to host Skate/Scooter & BMX Competitions within Mitchell Shire.

Bangers and Thrash have a goal to work with Primary Schools and the wider community to run interactive skate lessons. These lesson will be incorporated in to an after school program and to form a regular skate club for Mitchell Shire.

Our Bangers and Thrash Crew will use their coaching training and experience to create an environment that is safe, fun and, most importantly active!

Get behind this important group and show your support. Well done ‘Bangers & Thrash’