2017 MITCHELL SHIRE Pedometer Challenge

Lace up, Step out, and get moving this October!


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The 2017 Pedometer Challenge is open to all ages and abilities. Registrations close 8 October.

Competition Categories

Teams (4-6 Members)

Choose a Team Captain who will complete the registration and enter the steps on behalf of the team. Don't forget to choose a creative Team Name for the Leaderboard. There's a prize for the best one. Teams are to be made up of a maximum 6 participants to ensure a fair competition for everyone. If you have more than 6 participants from your workplace, sporting club, or community group, we would encourage you to register multiple teams and engage in some healthy competition. 


Choose a Screen Name to show on the Leaderboard. You can use your own name or make one up.


If you're an individual athlete or a team of athletes (rather than simply participating in the community challenge), be sure to registered in the corresponding athlete's competition so you're eligible for prizes. This category is for all competitors currently training and competing in official events such as triathlons, and half and full marathons. If you plan on converting cycling to steps, you will also need to enter the Athlete category. the category is also open to those who feel they are capable of competing in the athlete category and would like an extra challenge.


Make sure one person is responsible for your school's registration.

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