Social Planning in Mitchell Shire

Addressing the needs and aspirations of the community

Social Planning in Mitchell Shire

Social planning aims to identify and address the needs and aspirations of local communities through strategic policy and action.

Social planning is underpinned by the social justice principles of access, equity, participation and human rights.

Social Planning at Mitchell Shire includes:

Community Engagement

Council provides, supports, and participates in a range of consultative processes that focus on identifying and prioritising the needs of communities and groups.

Demographic Information and Community Needs Analysis

The analysis of demographic data assists Council to understand population characteristics, changes and trends in order to inform the development of policies and programs


Council has a commitment to working with other levels of government, the non-government sector and members of the community for better social outcomes.

Social Impact Assessment

An approach taken to anticipate the social impacts of a proposed development with the goal of mitigating adverse consequences and improving the built form.

Social Infrastructure Planning

Planning for the physical and human service infrastructure that supports a well-functioning community.

If you have any queries about Social Planning at Mitchell Shire contact our Social Planner and Community Engagement Officer on 03 5734 6200.