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Health and Wellbeing

Our Health Profile

The Mitchell Shire Health Profile contains detailed local health planning data. The purpose of this is to ensure that planning for the Shire is shown by real statistics. This document will be updated as new data becomes available. Download the Health Profile (PDF,1.1MB)

Our Health and Wellbeing Plan, Current - 2021

The Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017- 2021 shows how the Mitchell Shire Council and partners promote health and wellbeing for all residents. It identifies community priorities and seeks to build a healthier, more liveable community through delivering improved services in strong partnership settings and reducing inequalities and disadvantage.

The plan was the result of close consultation with the local community and through extensive collaboration with key agencies, partners and stakeholders. 
Download the Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017 - 2021 (PDF, 923K)

Healthy Food

Our approach to healthy food aims to improve access and consumption of nutritious and affordable food for all age groups within Mitchell. Almost half (48.4%) of Mitchell’s residents do not meet the dietary requirements for fruit and vegetable intake which is why we work in partnership with key stakeholders, agencies and networks to explore, identify and implement community awareness of healthy eating and related skills on how to access, store and prepare food for the best health outcomes.

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Download the Mitchell Shire Council Food Policy (PDF, 753K)

Drugs & Alcohol

We work in partnership with Victoria Police and other agencies such as Nexus Primary Health and Mitchell Youth Services to minimise the negative impacts of alcohol and other drugs on the Mitchell community.
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Family Violence

We are committed to preventing family violence in the Mitchell community. Mitchell Shire is ranked 15th out of 79 Councils in the state for police callouts for family violence incidents.  It is statistics like this that make us realise that family violence is the ‘elephant in our community’. When you decrease family violence, you help to create a community that is safer, healthier, more inclusive, diverse and dynamic for all.

One of the ways we are raising awareness is by hosting an annual event to recognise White Ribbon Day, Australia's only national, male-led campaign to end men's violence against women.

Active Lifestyles

We are committed to assisting with the Mitchell community’s ability to engage in physical activity and to have access to open space in order to prevent chronic disease, promote social inclusion and improve mental health and wellbeing. With approximately 35% of the Mitchell community not meeting the Physical Activity guidelines, we form partnerships with key stakeholders, agencies and networks, proactively leading and implementing projects that encourage sustained physical activity.


We play an important and active role in the prevention and minimisation of harms experienced by the Mitchell community from Electronic Gaming Machines (pokies). We support the delivery of additional support services that offer problem gambling counselling services and the more equitable redistribution of State government revenue from gambling back into the community where they were obtained.

There are five venues in Mitchell Shire where electronic gaming machines (EGMs) are located. These venues are located in Seymour, Kilmore, Wallan and Wandong. The most recent data available on the availability and expenditure related to EGMs is summarised below:

  • In 2013/14, there were 228 electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in Mitchell Shire, which is equal to 7.9 EGMs per 1,000 adults. This is higher than the Victorian average of 6.1 EGMs per 1,000 adults
  • EGM losses in Mitchell Shire for 2013/14 were $14.9 million, which is $518 per adult. This is slightly lower than the Victorian average of $548 per adult
  • The level of annual losses has trended downwards since a peak of $18.2 million in 2008/9. Since this peak year the level of expenditure on EGMs in Mitchell Shire has been lower or of a similar value to the previous year”


Community Safety & Emergency Assistance

Communities that have greater resilience are stronger and better able to recover from natural disasters, accidents, abandon and criminal activity. We consider it vital that the community is prepared with the knowledge to make informed choices regarding health behaviours as well as building to be a stronger, more informed and involved community.

Whether you are low income, unemployed, under employed or simply going through a hard time including but not limited to natural disasters there are organisations within the Mitchell Shire that can provide you with assistance:

Support and Services