early years in mitchell

Resources and information for parents and pre-school children

Early Years

Vision for Children in Mitchell Shire

Our children are highly valued within their family and community. Children are acknowledged as equal citizens, with the same rights as adults.

Our families are supported to enjoy our natural and built environments, experience the benefits from involvement in our services and community activities, pursue their interests and create new networks.

Council is consultative, seeking ideas and opinions from children, responsive and effective in its planning for children and their families.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Children's Services on (03) 5734 6200.


Maternal and Child Health Services

Information, advice and support.


The safest way to prevent illness.


Three and four year old kindergarten programs offer early years education for children.

Playgroups, Fun Activities and Child Care

Playgroups and fun activities allow parents and children to play and interact together.

Family Support Services

Family support services offer support to families with children under 18 years who are experiencing difficulties or have additional needs.

Policies and Plans

Information on the Council’s policies and plans.