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About Council

Organisational structure

Mitchell Shire Council comprises elected representatives and appointed staff.

Elected representatives

Our 9 Councillors are elected to represent the views and expectations of their fellow constituents in their respective wards. Each year, one of these representatives is sworn in as Mayor.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Council appoints the Executive Leadership Team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, through an open recruitment process. Our Executive Leadership Team of 3 directors is responsible for the work of more than 400 employees.

Operations Departments

We arrange our operations in departments:

  • Governance and Corporate Performance
  • Development and Infrastructure
  • Advocacy and Community Services.

As a team, we provide a range of services and facilities, including parks and gardens, immunisations, aged and disability programs, sport and recreation spaces, and road related infrastructure to name a few.

This page was last updated on 21 July 2020.