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Local laws

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  • We have 2 laws — one governs how Council works, and the other determines our response to threats to public safety, facilities or enjoyment of our shire.

Community and Environment Local Law 2022

Updates to our local law

Council endorsed the Community and Environment Local Law 2022 following 2 rounds of extensive community consultation.

This local law is in place so we can respond to issues, community needs and:

  • provide for the peace, order, and well-being of people in the municipal district by enhancing public safety and community amenity
  • provide for the safe and equitable use and enjoyment of public places
  • protect and enhance the environment and amenity of the municipality
  • regulate and control activities and behaviours which may be regarded as dangerous, unsafe, or detrimental
  • allow uniform and fair administration of this local law


Common Seal and Conduct at Meetings Local Law 2020

The purpose of this law is to:

  • regulate the use of the common seal
  • prohibit unauthorised use of the common seal or any device resembling the common seal
  • provide for a set of offences and associated penalties relating to conduct at Meetings.


Governance rules

The purpose of these rules is to provide fair and consistent procedures that must be followed by Councillors. The Governance rules outline procedures relating to:

  • the conduct of Council meetings
  • the conduct of meetings of delegated committees
  • the election of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and appointment of an Acting Mayor
  • Council’s Election Period Policy
  • conflict of interest procedures for Councillors, Council staff and members of a delegated committee.


This page was last updated on 1 September 2022.