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Local laws

Noise complaints and disputes with neighbours

Noise complaints

If you have a noise complaint you can seek assistance from Council or police.

Contact the police on 000 if your issue is late-night noise such as parties, or issues where noisy neighbours may also be threatening.

Council may be able to assist with long-term issues, machine or animal noise. You can make a noise complaint using our report an issue or incident form. Please note that to investigate a noise complaint, we require all your contact information.

For more information on noise complaints, read the Environment Protection Authority brochure 'Annoyed by noise? A guide to dealing with residential noise' (download below).

Disputes with neighbours

We can help with barking dogs.

Council is not responsible for intervening in disputes between neighbours about trees or fences. You can find helpful information about these issues at Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria.

This page was last updated on 15 February 2021.