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Local laws

Infringement process

If you’ve received an infringement notice, you have committed an offence under an Act, Regulation or Council local law.

Your options are:

  • pay the infringement before the due date
  • ask for an extension of time to pay
  • appeal the infringement
  • request the matter be heard by a Magistrate.
Pay an infringement

If you pay the infringement penalty by the due date, the matter will not proceed past the infringement stage.

Paying in Person

Payment by cash, cheque, money order or credit card can be made in person at any of our Customer and Library Service Centres.

Paying by Post

'Not negotiable' cheques and money orders can be made payable to ‘Mitchell Shire Council’. Return payment to Mitchell Shire Council, with the notice attached.

Payment is not deemed to be made until the cheque is cleared.

Paying by BPay or BPoint

To pay via BPay or Bpoint, please refer to the information provided on your infringement notice. If you need assistance please contact Council.

Paying over the phone

Payment can be made over the phone by credit card. Phone Customer Service on 03 5734 6200.

Apply for an extension

Request an extension of time to pay an infringement notice using our online form.

Appeal an infringement

If you believe the infringement has been issued in error, you may request an internal review.

The grounds for appeal are:

  • contrary to law
  • mistake of identity
  • special circumstances
  • exceptional circumstances
  • person unaware

Appeal process

  • complete the Application for Internal Review online form
  • ensure your application includes an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the reason the infringement was issued
  • provide any documentation that will support your request, such as medical records or travelling documents
  • if you are unable to complete the online form, an appeal form can be sent to you or obtained from Customer and Library Service Centres.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you can ask to have the matter heard in Court. You are required to notify Council in writing of your intention.

View photos relating to a parking or local law infringement

To view a photo relating to an infringement you will require the following information found on the infringement notice:

  • infringement number and vehicle registration (parking infringement)
  • photo reference number (local laws infringement)

View parking infringement photos or view local law infringement photos.

Local law infringements include asset protection offences, burning off and other infringements issued under the local law.

There may not be a photo available online for the offence of:

  • failing to comply with a verbal direction or notice to comply

You should contact the local laws team for queries relating to this offence.

Nominate a driver

To nominate a driver for an infringement you have received:

Failing to pay an infringement on time

Late Payment

If pay your infringement after the due date, there may be additional costs added. If you are unable to make payment in full by the due date, please contact Council immediately.

Penalty Reminder Notice

We will send you a reminder notice after the due date which will incur additional costs. If you pay the original amount plus the additional costs before the new due date (21 days), the matter will be finalised.

Failing to respond to our Reminder Notice

If payment has not been received by the new due date specified on the reminder notice, a final notice will be issued. If payment is still not made by the date specified in the final notice, the matter will be referred to Fines Victoria for enforcement of the Magistrates' Court, depending on the type of offence.

Still not paid — being summoned to Court

If payment is not received within 7 days, the infringement notice will be withdrawn and a summons issued for you to appear at Seymour Magistrates’ Court to answer the offence.

What happens in Court

If you are found guilty in Court, you may receive a higher penalty from the Magistrate and be ordered to pay Council’s costs, which could add hundreds of dollars to the cost. You may be given a good behaviour bond, may be convicted and it may be listed against your name.

If you are found not guilty in Court, Council will be ordered to pay costs and the infringement will be finalised.

Request the matter be heard in court

To request your infringement offence to be dealt with by the Magistrates court you must advise the Council in writing of your intention. Council will then organise a court date and summons at Seymour Magistrates Court.

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This page was last updated on 18 October 2022.