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Meet our Mayor and Councillors

Role of Mayor and Councillors

Councillors are elected to represent the residents in their ward. They bring residents needs and concerns to council meetings for discussion. Councillors are also responsible for employing and supervising the CEO.

Councillors meet regularly to:

  • discuss issues
  • make decisions
  • set the direction of Council
  • approve strategic documents including the Council Plan and Annual Budget
  • make all major decisions.

Councillors make decisions through a majority vote at an official meeting. Council staff then action those decisions, as directed by the CEO. The CEO handles the day-to-day running of Council and employment of Council staff.

The Councillors’ Code of Conduct

The code requires that councillors carry out their duties with integrity, and impartially exercise their responsibilities in the interests of the local community.

Reporting councillor expenses

Our councillor expense and support policy outlines the resources and support that are provided to councillors and expenses that may be claimed in the performance of their duties.

A report on the reimbursement of councillor expenses is published as an attachment to the finance report. The finance report is presented to Council on a quarterly basis and can be viewed in the Council meeting minutes archive.

Contact a councillor

Councillors will respond at their earliest convenience, usually within 2 business days.

Councillors on committees

An important part the role of local government is representing the local community to state and federal levels of government, statutory authorities and other sectors.

Mitchell Shire Council appoints councillors and council officers to regional, state-wide and local committees and organisations every year. These appointments usually happen at the same time as the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Councillor and officer charter

The charter recognises relevant legislation, the councillor code of conduct and employee code of conduct and aims to complement those by setting out agreed behaviours and commitments between the parties representing the best way to work together to achieve positive results for the community.

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This page was last updated on 20 July 2021.