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About Council

Meet our Mayor and Councillors

Mitchell Shire Council is represented by 9 Councillors. Each of the shire’s three wards — North, Central and South — are represented by three Councillors.

A Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by Councillors each year, usually at the end of November.

Councillors take part in the decision making of the Council, represent the local community in that decision making and contribute to the strategic direction of the Council through the development and review of key strategic documents.

To do this they must:

  • consider the interests and needs of the local community
  • observe principles of good governance and act with integrity
  • provide civic leadership
  • serve as representatives to Committees and organisations (see list of appointments below)
  • participate in the responsible allocation of the resources of Council through the annual budget, and
  • facilitate effective communication between the Council and the community.

Contacting a Councillor

  • email all Councillors
  • post a letter to the Mayor at 113 High Street, Broadford VIC 3658
  • contact any individual Councillor directly — email and mobile numbers listed below.

Councillors will respond at their earliest convenience, which is usually within 2 business days. Please note, Councillors are not available on Mondays due to meetings.

Please be aware that Councillors are not involved in operational matters within Council. If you would like to escalate an issue related to a Council service, you can either make a formal complaint, report a non urgent issue or incident online, or call Council on 03 5734 6200.

Electoral Structure of Mitchell Shire Council

Mitchell Shire Council is subdivided into 3 wards, with each of these represented by 3 elected Councillors. Download a detailed map of the electoral structure of Mitchell Shire Council, showing ward boundaries, below.

North Ward

Central Ward

South Ward

This page was last updated on 15 November 2022.