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Fees and charges

Waste and resource recovery fees

Below pricing is for 2019/2020. Please note that loads greater than 4m3 cannot be accepted.

EFTPOS is available at all Resource Recovery Centres.


ServiceRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Air conditionersno chargeno charge
E-waste (TV, computer etc) - per unitno charge$11.00
Fridges and freezers - per unitno charge$11.00

Garbage, green waste and comingled recyclables

ServiceRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Garbage/general waste - 120-litre wheelie bin$15.00$30.00
Garbage/general waste - garbage bag$5.00$10.00
Garbage/general waste - car boot load$30.00$60.00
Garbage/general waste - per cubic metre$60.00$120.00
Green waste - garbage bag$5.00$10.00
Green waste - car boot load$15.00$30.00
Green waste - per cubic metre$30.00$60.00
Comingled recyclables - 240-litre wheelie binno chargeno charge
Comingled recyclables - garbage bagno chargeno charge

Landfill operations

Bricks and concrete (weighbridge)per tonne$75.00
Clean fill (weighbridge)per tonneno charge
Industrial waste (weighbridge)per tonne$220.00
Landfill account establishment feeunit$45.00
Landfill account holder replacement card feeunit$40.00
Municipal waste (weighbridge)unit$200.00

Mattresses and couches

ServiceRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Mattress - Double/queen/king$38.00$76.00
Mattress - Single/king single$27.00$54.00
Couch - 2 or 3 seater$38.00$76.00
Couch - single seater$27.00$54.00


ServiceUnitRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Car batteryper unitno chargeno charge
Gas bottleper unitno chargeno charge
Fluorescent globesper unitno chargeno charge
Foamper unitno chargeno charge
Rigid plasticsper unitno chargeno charge
Silage wrap (must be in plasback bag)per unitno chargeno charge
Concrete and bricks (rubble) - maximum 1m3per cubic metre$75.00$150.00
Metal/steel - maximum 3m3per cubic metreno charge$10.00
Timber - non-treated - maximum 2m3per cubic metre$75.00$150.00

Motor oil

ServiceRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Oil (Container Disposal) - maximum container size 20 litres$1.00$2.00
Oil (Liquid Disposal) - maximum 20 litres - price per litreno charge$1.00

Special event bin hire

Special event bin hire - recycling binsper occasion$26.00
Special event bin hire - waste binsper occasion$31.00


ServiceRate Payer* FeeNon-Rate Payer* Fee
Larger tyre 1+metre diameterNot acceptedNot accepted
Larger tyre up to 1 metre diameter$92.00$184.00
Light truck tyre$25.00$50.00
Tyre (passenger) with rim$10.00$20.00
Tyre (passenger) without rim$5.00$10.00

More information

*Rate Payer Fee

Applies to all residents and rate payers. Make sure you bring your photo ID when you visit a Resource Recovery Centre. If you live elsewhere but own property in Mitchell Shire, please bring your photo ID and your current rate notice in the same name and address.

*Non-Rate Payer Fee

Applies to anyone that is not a resident or rate payer in Mitchell Shire. Includes Commercial.