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Fees and charges

Pound services fees

Pound services fees

Find out about our pound services.

Adoption fee - catper occasion$225.00
Adoption fee - dogper occasion$345.00
Cat release – registeredper release$53.00
Cat release - unregisteredper release$95.00
Cat – additional daily cost after day 3per day$25.00
Dog – seizedper day$32.00
Dog release - registeredper release$53.00
Dog release - unregisteredper release$95.00
Dog – additional daily cost after day 3per day$32.00
Large livestock e.g. horses/cattleper release$125.00
Large livestock e.g. horses/cattleper day$28.00
Medium livestock e.g. sheep/goatsrelease$62.00
Medium livestock e.g. sheep/goatsper day$12.00
Small livestock e.g. rabbits/guinea pigs/poultryper release$16.00
Small livestock e.g. rabbits/guinea pigs/poultryper day$4.00
Surrendered livestock feeper job$80.00
Surrendered large dogper job$140.00
Surrendered medium dogper job$90.00
Surrendered small dog or catper job$70.00
Cats – welfareper day$7.00
Dogs – welfareper day$7.00

This page was last updated on 5 March 2020.

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