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Fees and charges

Leisure and aquatic centres - membership fees

Membership fees

TypePayment FrequencyFee
Lap swim adult (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$20.10
Lap swim concession/child (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$15.10
Lifestyle (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$36.90
Lifestyle concession (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$27.70
Lifestyle off-peak (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$27.70
Lifestyle corporate (Easy Payment Plan)fortnightly$33.20
Lifestyle Secondary schools 10-weekOne-off$112.75
Lifestyle 3-monthOne-off$315.20
Lifestyle 3-month concessionOne-off$236.40
Lifestyle 3-month off-peakOne-off$236.40
Lifestyle 12-monthOne-off$959.40
Lifestyle 12-month concessionOne-off$719.55
WorkCover Lifestyle 3-monthOne-off$365.20

Paying with Easy Payment

* Easy Payment Plan Memberships are subject to an additional $10 administration cost.

Corporate memberships

Conditions apply on Corporate Memberships.

Off-peak hours

* Off Peak Membership Hours: Between 6am and 9am or from 12pm-3.30pm and all weekend.

This page was last updated on 1 July 2022.