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Fees and charges

Local laws services fees and charges

Electric Fencing

Service Unit Fee
Electric fencing per permit $120.00

Fire Prevention

Service Unit Fee
Admin fee per job $100.00
Fire prevention inspection – property inspection fee per inspection $55.00

Impounded Items

Service Unit Fee
Release fee - small impounded items per release $42.00
Release fee - large impounded items per release $84.00
Other impounded items per release $84.00


Service Unit Fee
Bulk rubbish container (skip) on road per permit $70.00

Vehicles and Parking Permits

Service Unit Fee
Disabled Parking Permits - replace either lost or unduly damaged per permit $20.50
Residential / Temporary Parking Permit per permit $30.00
Temporary Vehicle Crossing per permit $64.00
Use of Recreation Vehicle per permit $120.00

Vehicle Removal

Service Unit Fee
Derelict/abandoned vehicle - release fee per release $180.00
Storage fee per day $15.50
Towing fee (varies per job – 100% recovery of contractor’s fees per occasion contractor’s fees