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Fees and charges

Leisure and aquatic centres fees and charges

1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 fees for using Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre and Kilmore Leisure Centre. Prices include GST (if applicable).

Also see leisure and aquatic centres — membership fees.

Gym fees

TypeFrequencyFee (includes GST)
Health Club casualVisit$18.50
Seniors Health Club casualVisit$15.40
10-session Health Clubpass$166.50
Non-member body composition testingsession$36.90
Non-member program show or health consultantsession$43.00

Fitness classes

TypeFrequencyFee (includes GST)
Group fitness casualvisit$15.40
Yoga casualvisit$17.40
Teen gymvisit$6.80
Seniors classvisit$6.80
School entryvisit$5.30
Seniors 10 session Seniors class only (valid 6 months)pass$61.20
10 session pass group fitness (valid 6 months)pass$138.60
10 session pass yoga (valid 6 months)pass$156.60
10 session teen gym (valid 6 months)pass$61.20
Instructor hiresession$60.00

Personal training

TypeFrequencyFee (includes GST)
Non-member – 30 minsSession$53.50
Non-member – 60 minsSession$74.00
Member – 30 minsSession$45.60
Member – 60 minsSession$65.50
Group personal training (2-6 persons)Session$71.00
10 x 30 mins non-memberpass$481.50
10 x 60 mins non-memberpass$666.00
10 x 30 mins memberpass$410.40
10 x 60 mins memberpass$589.50

School holidays and crèche programs

TypeFrequencyFee (includes GST)
School holidays per sessionSession$18.80
Creche per child 1.5 hourschild$7.50
Creche per child 10 x 1.5-hour session passpass$67.50
Creche per child 10 x 2-hour session passpass$84.60
Creche per child 2 hourschild$9.40
Occasional carehour$9.40
Occasional Care 1.5 hrssession$14.10

Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre Stadium

  • PEAK: 4pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and all day Saturday
  • OFF PEAK: 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and all day Sunday
TypeDurationFee (includes GST)
Court hire - Casual user (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$33.00
Court hire - Casual user (PEAK)per hour/per court$38.00
Court hire - Junior club casual user (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$24.00
Court hire - Junior club casual user (PEAK)per hour/per court$28.50
Court hire - Junior club regular user/association (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$22.00
Court hire - Junior club regular users/association (PEAK)per hour/per court$27.00
Court hire - Regular user/association (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$31.00
Court hire - Regular user/association (PEAK)per hour/per court$34.50

Pool fees

TypeDurationFee (includes GST)
Swim casual - adultPer swim$6.40
Swim casual – concession/childPer swim$4.80
Swim casual – family*Per swim$20.80
10 sessions pass – adult (valid 6 months)$57.60
10 sessions pass – concession/child (valid 6 months)$43.20
30 sessions pass – adult (valid 12 months)$160.00
30 sessions pass – concession/child (valid 12 months)$120.00
Full pool hire – up to 100 peoplePer hour$170.00
Full pool hire – every additional 100 peoplePer hour$46.60
Pool hire per laneHour$42.50
School entry swimEntry$4.00

Swim school

TypeDurationFee (includes GST)
Direct Debit - School & preschool age lessonsFortnight$29.40
Direct Debit - Semi-Private LessonsFortnight$51.50
Instructor Hire for Programs and EventsOccasion$46.60
Intensive Swim Program (1 week) 5 lessons for the price of 4Program$73.50
Learn to Swim Paid in full (per lesson - payable for full semester)Lesson$17.90
Semi-Private (2-3 per session) Learn to Swim paid in full (per lesson - payable for full semester)Lesson$31.00

This page was last updated on 31 March 2020.