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Fees and charges

Leisure and aquatic centres fees and charges

Gym fees

TypeFrequencyFee (includes GST)
Health Club casualVisit$19.50
Seniors Health Club casualVisit$14.60
10 Session Health Clubpass$175.50
10 Session Health Club concessionpass$130.00

Fitness class fees

Group fitness casualvisit$16.20
Yoga casualvisit$18.00
Teen gymvisit$7.20
Seniors classvisit$7.20
School entryvisit$5.70
10 session seniors class only (valid 6 months)pass$64.80
10 session pass group fitness (valid 6 months)pass$145.80
10 session teen gym (valid 6 months)pass$64.80
Instructor hiresession$76.50

Personal training fees

Member – 30 minsSession$50.00
Member – 60 minsSession$75.00
10 x 30 mins memberpass$450.00
10 x 60 mins memberpass$675.00

School holidays and crèche program fees

School holidays per sessionSession$10.00
Creche per child 1.5 hourschild$8.00
Creche per child 10 x 1.5-hour session passpass$72.00
Creche per child 10 x 2-hour session passpass$90.00
Creche per child 2 hourschild$10.00
Occasional carehour$10.00
Occasional Care 1.5 hrssession$15.00

Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre Stadium fees

  • PEAK: 4pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and all day Saturday
  • OFF PEAK: 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and all day Sunday
Court hire - Casual user (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$34.50
Court hire - Casual user (PEAK)per hour/per court$40.00
Court hire - Junior club casual user (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$25.00
Court hire - Junior club casual user (PEAK)per hour/per court$30.00
Court hire - Junior club regular user/association (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$23.00
Court hire - Junior club regular users/association (PEAK)per hour/per court$28.50
Court hire - Regular user/association (OFF PEAK)per hour/per court$32.50
Court hire - Regular user/association (PEAK)per hour/per court$36.50

Pool fees

TypeDurationFee (includes GST)
Swim casual - adultPer swim$6.80
Swim casual – concession/childPer swim$5.10
Swim casual – family*Per swim$22.20
10 sessions pass – adult (valid 6 months)$61.20
10 sessions pass – concession/child (valid 6 months)$45.90
30 sessions pass – adult (valid 12 months)$183.60
30 sessions pass – concession/child (valid 12 months)$137.70
Full pool hire – up to 75 peoplePer hour$237.00
Full pool hire – every additional 75 peoplePer hour$52.70
Pool hire per laneHour$47.50
School entry swimEntry$4.35

* Family ticket includes 2 adults and 3 children under 18 years of age.

Swim school fees

Direct Debit - School & preschool age lessonsFortnight$31.50
Direct Debit - Semi-Private LessonsFortnight$55.00
Instructor Hire for Programs and EventsOccasion$52.70
Intensive Swim Program (1 week) 5 lessons for the price of 4Program$80.00
Learn to Swim Paid in full (per lesson - payable for full semester)Lesson$19.00
Semi-Private (2-3 per session) Learn to Swim paid in full (per lesson - payable for full semester)Lesson$33.00

This page was last updated on 2 May 2022.