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Fees and charges

Infrastructure works and developments fees and charges

Subdivisions and development

Deferral of required works - administration feeper occasion$250.00
Design checking for civil works (e.g. changes to Council's assets or internal property drainage design) or landscaping plansper application$579.00
Drainage connection permit and inspection to Council's easement drainsper inspection$149.00
Engineering Plan Search Feeper application$62.00
Inspection Fee - additional inspectionsper inspection$149.00
Non Standard Street Lighting fee - 1-10 lightsper stage1 x cost of light + 2 x cost of lantern
Non Standard Street Lighting fee - 11-20 lightsper stage10% cost of lights + 20% cost of lanterns
Non Standard Street Lighting fee - 21-50 lightsper stage7.5% cost of lights + 15% cost of lanterns
Non Standard Street Lighting fee - 51+ lightsper stage5% cost of lights + 10% cost of lanterns
Supervision of Civil Works 2.5%per application2.5% cost of asset construction
Supervision of Landscaping Worksper application2.5% cost of works

Works within the road reserve

Municipal Roads

Reinstatement fee – any workspermitQuote + 10% fee + GST

This page was last updated on 1 July 2019.