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Fees and charges

Hiring spaces and places for events fees and charges


Small (up to 30 stalls)half day (up to 4 hours)$61.50
Small (up to 30 stalls)full day$123.00
Medium (31-60 stalls)half day (up to 4 hours)$113.00
Medium (31-60 stalls)full day$220.00
Large (over 60 stalls)half day (up to 4 hours)$200.00
Large (over 60 stalls)full day$395.00

Open Space Hire

Personal Training - Open Space Fee - Annualannual subscription$615.00
Personal Training - Open Space Fee - Casualper hour$13.50

Weddings Ceremonies

Cancellation fee for any bookingless than 1 week from the book dateno refund
Cancellation fee for any bookingless than 1 month from the book date50% refund
Cancellation fee for any bookingover 1 month from the book date100% refund
Casual Booking - Weddings and Ceremoniesup to 1 hour$56.50
Casual Booking - Weddings and Ceremonies (fee only applies if exclusive use of particular site e.g. Goulburn Park Rotundaup to 2 hours$105.00
Casual Booking - Wedding and Ceremoniesup to 4 hours$210.00

Festivals and Events

Actions affecting council landper permit$120.00
Advertising signs on roadsper permit$76.00
Alcohol - serving alcohol at events in public placesper permit$120.00
All other local laws permitsper permit$120.00
Festivals – Commercialper permit$472.00
Festivals – Domesticper permit$120.00
Fireworks (permit to let off)per permit$120.00
Outdoor eating facilityper permit$104.50
Road closureper permit$120.00

Street and Roadside Trading

Roadside trading permitannual fee$615.00
Roadside trading permitdaily fee$58.00
Roadside trading permit6-monthly fee$410.00
Collecting on roads from house to housepermit$74.00