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Latest service changes: Resource recovery centres open for residents and local businesses (essential drop offs only).
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Fees and charges

Environmental health services

Septic tanks

Septic Tank (Advanced Wastewater Treatment)registration$595.00
Septic Tank Permit (Tank and Lines)registration$595.00
Septic Tank Plan Searchregistration$65.00

Food business inspections and transfers

Find out more about food businesses.

Additional Inspection Fee (within 48 hours)registration$267.00
Additional Inspection Fee (within 5 working days)registration$170.00
Request for Inspection Feeregistration$170.00
Transfer Feeregistration50% of renewal fee

Food business registrations

Class C1 Application for Registrationregistration$615.00
Class C1 Renewal of Registrationregistration$460.00
Class C2 Application for Registrationregistration$515.00
Class C2 Community - Application for Registrationregistration$226.00
Class C2 Community - Renewal of Registrationregistration$52.00
Class C2 Renewal of Registrationregistration$345.00
Class C3 Low-Packaged Goods - Application for Registrationregistration$345.00
Class C3 Low-Packaged Goods - Renewal of Registrationregistration$190.00

Mobile and temporary food business registrations

Streetrader C2 (Mobile) - Application for Registrationregistration$515.00
Streetrader C2 (Mobile) - Renewal of Registrationregistration$345.00
Streetrader C2 Temporarypermit$145.00
Streetrader C3 Application for Registrationregistration$345.00
Streetrader C3 Renewal of Registrationregistration$195.00
Streetrader C3 Temporarypermit$95.00

Note: fees are in accordance with the Food Act 1984.

This page was last updated on 1 July 2019.