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7-day lockdown for Mitchell
Mitchell Shire has entered a snap 7-day lockdown until 11.59pm on Sunday 26 September. Most Council services have returned to remote service delivery for this time.
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Fees and charges

Building services fees and charges

Fees for Council services for building works. GST included (if applicable).

Permits — commercial works

Permit type/serviceNotesFee
Occupancy Permit Application (POPE) - major1000+ planned participants at event$1,305.00
Occupancy Permit Application (POPE) - minorunder 1000 planned participants at event$396.00
Building Permit Amendment - major$325.00
Building Permit Amendment - minor$88.00
Class 5-9 up to $300,000Price on application
Class 5-9 over $300,000Price on application
Copy of Building or Occupancy Permitelectronic$35.00
Planning Information$42.50
Shop Fit-outcost less than $20,000$628.00

Permits — miscellaneous

Asset Protection Permitper permit$450.00
Building Permit Extension of Time$230.00
Copy of Building or Occupancy Permitrecall request$94.00
Copy of Commercial Plansrecall request$190.00
Copy of Residential Plansrecall request$115.00
Re-inspections or Additional Inspections$162.00
Title Search$50 plus cost of title
Weekend Inspections$228.00

Permits — outbuildings

Permit typeFee
For projects under $20,000: including steel garages, carports, verandahs, decks, retaining walls etc$650.00
Brick garages$740.00
Shed over $20,000 up to $100,000 (over $100,000 commercial rates)$1,200.00

Permits — residential

Permit typeNotesFee
Demolitionswhere protection work not required$1,100.00
Dwelling extension/alteration (all) - Owner Builderup to $100,000$1,685.00
Dwelling extension/alteration (all) - Registered Builderup to $100,000$1,225.00
Minor alteration to dwellingremoval or internal wall, increasing window size$650.00
Multi-unit developmenteach dwelling$1,195.00
New dwelling - Owner Builder$150,000 to $300,000$2,945.00
New dwelling - Registered Builder$150,000 to $300,000$2,340.00
New dwelling - Owner Builderup to $150,000$2,470.00
New dwelling - Registered Builderup to $150,000$1,965.00
New dwelling - Owner Builder$300,000 to $500,000$4,158.00
New dwelling - Registered Builder$300,000 to $500,000$3,350.00
New dwellingover $500,000price on application

Permits — swimming pools and safety barriers

Permit typeNotesFee
Swimming Pool Inspection Fee$350.00
Above or Inground Poolfibreglass$1,000.00
In-ground Poolconcrete$1,000.00
Safety Barrier$400.00

Septic tanks

Council fees

Septic Tank (Advanced Wastewater Treatment)registration$723.90
Septic Tank Permit (Tank and lines)registration$723.90
Septic Tank Plan Searchregistration$75.00

Statutory fees

Amendments to waste water applicationoccasion$156.00
Minor alterations to waste water systemoccasion$560.00
Renew a permit (Regulation 200)occasion$125.00
Transfer permit (Regulation 197)occasion$149.00

Asset reinstatement

Asset renewal - administration fee$210.00
DrainageCost recovery
FootpathsCost recovery
Garden bedsCost recovery
Park and playgroundsCost recovery
Sealed roadCost recovery
TreesCost recovery

This page was last updated on 6 July 2021.