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About Council


Council holds Ordinary Council meetings, and meetings of the Community Questions and Hearings Committee. You can put questions and submissions to the Community Questions and Hearings Committee.

Meetings are currently being held online due to COVID-19. Public meetings are being livestreamed on our website.

Mitchell Shire Council Meetings

Next Meeting

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, Council Meetings are now taking place online. You can view the latest meeting below. If you are unable to hear, please click the icon to unmute the video.

Council Meeting — Monday 14 December at 7pm

Community Questions and Hearings Committee Meeting

This committee hears from groups in relation to matters of interest to the whole Mitchell Shire community. Those groups may be local residents, incorporated associations, industry groups or government associations.

Meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month. If there are no submissions to be heard, the meeting will be cancelled.

Role of the Committee

The committee hears and reports to Council on:

  • objections and submissions received from members of the public in relation to matters being heard by Council
  • presentations from members of the community in relation to any issue they wish to raise with Council
  • public questions received by Council from members of the public or others in relation to any issue they wish to raise with Council

Previous Meetings

Guidelines for Community Questions and Hearings Meetings

There are rules about who can speak, for how long, and how matters are determined:

Question Time — Responding to Public Questions

Time is allocated for members of the public to ask questions on issues in which Council has a direct interest or responsibility.

Questions must be submitted to Council by 12noon on the Friday before the scheduled committee meeting.

How to Lodge a Question

You can lodge a question via any of the following methods:

Community Questions Submission Form


Council has formal guidelines for Community Questions.

About you

Locality only

Your question

Rules for Council Meetings

Our meetings are run according to Meeting Procedure Local Law 2014, which sets out fair and consistent procedures that must be followed by Councillors.

It includes the:

  • timing of announcements of Council meetings
  • conduct of Council meetings
  • correct procedure for elections, motions and voting
  • range of other procedures that Council must routinely follow to make decisions that are considered, fair and valid

This page was last updated on 1 December 2020.